Membership in SMPCA is outlined below or visit our By-Laws page to learn more.  Contact Membership Committee Chair Chief Frederickson for more information.

SMPCA_Fillable_Membership_Application – Please fill out our membership application, print, sign and return to us.

SMPCA Membership

Active Membership           Any municipal or campus police chief within the Counties of Barnstable, Bristol, Norfolk, Plymouth, Dukes and Nantucket of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Colonel of the Massachusetts State Police, any State Police Troop Commanders, in said counties, and the Chief of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Police Department, shall be eligible during the term of his office as Chief of Police, Colonel or Troop Commander, for membership in this organization.

 Honorary Membership

Any individual who has rendered distinguished service to the cause of law enforcement or this Association, may be eligible for Honorary Membership.  Such membership shall be bestowed on an individual upon a majority vote of the organization at a regular meeting.  Honorary members shall not be required to pay dues, nor shall they have any voting rights or be eligible to hold elective office.

Life Membership

Any active member of this Association, after five (5) years of membership in good standing, may be designated a life member.  Said life membership status shall only require a majority vote of the Membership Committee.  A life member shall be entitled to take part in any discussion, vote on any issue and be eligible to serve on any committee.  Life members shall be exempt from paying dues.  Any active member holding elective office at the time of retirement shall be allowed to serve out the term of said office.  The five (5) year membership requirement may be waived by a majority vote of the Membership Committee.

Associate Membership

Persons, other than those enumerated in Sections 1 and 2 of the Article, who have a close association with Police Departments of the cities and towns of the counties of Barnstable, Bristol, Norfolk, Plymouth, Dukes, and Nantucket shall be eligible for membership under the terms and conditions set forth in the By-Laws, Section 4.

For questions on membership or pending applications, please Contact Us.