August 2015 Ceremony

Plymouth_police_Academy_Graduation4Plymouth Police Academy held its 60th Graduation Ceremony in August of this year.   Approximately 60 students from across the state finished their academy training and were sworn in at the ceremony.   The ceremony was packed with the graduates, their families, and their receiving agencies as they joined the rank of officer.
Plymouth_police_Academy_Graduation2Plymouth Police Academy has been providing the training for law enforcement officers for sixty years.  They are an integral part of keeping our policing practices current, our training progressive and our region safe.  The Southeastern Massachusetts Police Chiefs Association thanks the Plymouth Police Academy for its efforts over the last 60 years and for the future of safe and effective policing in our region as well.  Congratulations Plymouth Police Academy!
SMPCA would also like to welcome incoming Director, Eileen Goodick.  We look forward to training with you in the future.